Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CRM for schools and universities

Managing a school or a university it’s similar, in many ways, with managing a business even if this might seems strange for some people.

In this special case we are talking about the possibility to manage timetables, students’ or teachers’ files, working/teaching resources etc. and therefore more and more schools and universities are looking for software adapted to their needs.

There are CRM (Customers Relationship Management) software solutions that are already used by Universities in order to manage their alumni or for the continuing training modules.

One of this sector’s pioneers is Simple CRM.

Let’s have a glance on Simple CRM functionalities and how this software solution can became a practical and efficient CRM for schools and universities.

CRM for schools: students management 

Each student has an inscription file and a school record. Via Simple CRM’s Project module this study case can easily be managed.

Practically:  we create the inscription folder and we are going to relate at this file 3 linked contacts: student and the two parents; this file can be reachable from the three contacts personal files.

Afterwards we can add to this folder, different files such as: student/teachers timetable, administrative documents, school report etc. year by year.

You must see this Project like virtual ring binders were you add all information related to a student.

CRM for schools: classes and teaching tools management 

Simple CRM allows work/teaching tools management.

Via his module you can manage classrooms or teaching tools reservation.

Advantage: teachers can check their timetable and the teaching tools availability on their mobile phone and if they are deciding at the last minute for a tool/classroom or another they can check in real time their availability.

CRM for schools: central DMS (online document management system

All your important administrative documents like: forms, Power Point/Word/Excel teaching modules etc. can be stored in Simple CRM and easily shared among teachers.

Who can access school’s CRM? 

It depends if you use this CRM only for administrative management or for the entire school activity. In order to take the best decision two aspects are considered: your educational project as an all and your budget.


This kind on software it’s an important time gain: everything is centralized and any information can be found in 2-3 clicks thanks to a powerful search engine and to the reporting module.

It’s certain that this tool will kind of rush old habits but it can change by improving the administrative work of all school team.